Online Job Search options for Senior Professionals

Till some time back job search for senior positions was a challenge and the domain was primarily held by Executive Search companies, and Head Hunters. Normally companies were not too keen on posting senior level jobs, key positions so you had to depend on some executive search consultant getting in touch with you to discuss a suitable job opening. Another issue was that of privacy since most senior professionals were not too keen on placing their profile on job portals considering issues related to privacy.

If you are a job seeker and don’t want to expose yourself, but still look for possible job openings or want an employer to connect with you – you have some interesting products available online. Check out some of these and see if they work for you.

1. LinkedIn


The way LinkedIn has evolved, it was a great move by them to “officially” establish their role as a good quality hiring tool as well as job search tool.

We some how feel that LinkedIn is one of the best tools for job search, to hire, and to be hired – specially for senior professionals. It may take some more time for job seekers and hiring community to leverage its optimum potential, but well its heading quickly into that direction. In fact when LinkedIn – had not started promoting itself as a hiring tool, almost every executive search professional and employers were using the same to find great talent.

The best thing about Linkedin, is that your presence does not normally give an indication that you are desperate for a new job or on look out. Since the profiles are easily searchable, it allows people to connect with you if they feel that your profile is relevant for any available job opening. You can just add an email address in your profile details, so as people can connect with you – you can tone down the privacy options.

You also have an option of checking out the job postings by employers and consultants so as to be able to identify the right job and apply accordingly. Need not mention that even if you are not looking out you can keep a tab on hiring’s / jobs etc. by being a part of relevant groups and checking out the job postings all for Free.

For those who are “officially” actively looking out and want to connect with employers / senior professionals of target companies.


These paid plans, may not just allow you to appear as a featured applicant but can allow you to connect with anyone directly through through the InMail option or let recruiters connect with you through the OpenLink option.

We feel, with Linkedin, you are visible !

You are however advised to develop your LinkedIn profile to suitably reflect your profile, achievements etc. If your profile have been developed to reflect your experience and capabilities in a proper manner you are sure to get some head hunters and employers calling you. The power of networking also brings in the added benefit in form of your networks – network being able to connect with you. The better your network the more searchable and the more visible you are.



HeadHonchos, is a job board set up by ABC Consultants one of the leading recruitment services company and executive search firms in India. It has been set up as a niche site for senior management professionals – drawing a compensation of 15 Lakh and above.  Their position listing – as visible to a normal un registered visitor seems quite impressive.


The variety and category of listing is however limited. But we have a feeling that combining the groups expertise on executive search and senior level hiring’s, they would have access to some great employers and quality job openings. If you want your profile to be searchable by employers you can register on their site. Alternatively, if you can directly apply to a job opening through a Quick Application option on the job postings.

Another Catch:, is a paid site for job seekers, if you are on an active look out. While you can use the Basic Membership for Free, to apply to up to 6 openings, they have paid plans for other service categories with unlimited application as well as guided search and assisted search. The details of the plans and their features are available on their web site – .


3. Naukri Premium:



Naukri Premium: This is an offering by, and provides a good listing of Senior Positions.  Their benchmark for a position qualifying as a senior position is 15 Lakh + in Annual Compensation. While you have an option of registering on the portal and applying for positions, you can also browse through the openings form their web site or get the new job updated based on your search criteria in your mail box.


If you look at the quality of listings – its seems to be relevant and good. Another factor is that some of these listings are from reputed recruitment firms – ABC Consultants, Quadrangle, Michael Page etc. This ensures that your profile gets on to good consultants and companies you can trust. You also have an option to apply to most of these positions without registration. In case you register your profile, you have an option of keeping it away from searches by consultants and companies in case you want some privacy. If you are not looking out – you can just browse through the listings to observe market movements and sector specific hiring’s.

Our take on the whole story:

It would be good to see companies looking at product or customized services for professionals who are over – may be 30 Lakh or some thing. 15 Lakh, has become more like starting of a Middle Management compensation in most industries. Another aspect would be to enable more on the lines of personalized services and attention with a good amount of focus on Privacy and Confidentiality. We are not sure of these but may be ABC with, may be on way to create that experience. Hiring’s, moving to being more social – will definitely see usage of LinkedIn’s paid services picking up going forward.

Have you used any of these products , do you have any thoughts on these tools / products / portals or their services. Send us a ping by comment or an email.

Note / Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored research or study – its an independent assessment and analysis from a research of various job boards and job search tools on Internet available for senior level applicants in India. This is not an exhaustive study and we are not doing any comparison of the listed products. We may not have been able to capture other such products that are available. The screen grabs/ graphics and logos have been taken from the respective web sites for purpose of illustration only. The rights to any product names / logos / trademark etc. are with the respective companies. If you belong to one of the companies featured in the above report and want to report any information provided by us which appears to be incomplete or factually incorrect please report the same to us , if you want to report additional features or benefits of your product or want to request an interview by, please connect with us. If you have a similar product and want to request a coverage of the same , please send us the details along with into, URL etc. and we may consider the same for a review.  ©

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