Diversity and inclusion at workplace – findings from a TimesJobs study.

TimesJobs Survey (c) TimesJobs.com

In a recent study, TimesJobs, one of India’s leading job portals concludes that nearly 45% of the employees experience unequal treatment due to their physical appearance.

Some key insights that emerge from the survey of over 2000 of India Inc.’s employees, about the much-hyped diversity & inclusion programs at the various workplaces.

Key Highlights:

  • 25% of employees think that their organisation’s management is not committed to meet the needs of employees with disabilities
  • 57% denied that their companies openly recruited LGBTQ or disabled candidates in the organization
  • 55% of employees still experience bias at their workplaces on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, and appearance
  • About 52% of employees mentioned that their managers treat all the employees equally regardless of their background

To be appreciated as a responsible and attractive employer brand for prospective employees, employers these days are rolling out multiple initiatives to promote diversity & inclusion at their workplace. This survey sought to seek an understanding of how these initiatives pay off and bring in positive change in real sense. The survey data reveals that employees today still feel awkward or are conscious while openly expressing about their sexual orientation and cultural values at their workplaces.

  • Almost 29% of the employees hesitate in doing so because they think it might hamper their career.
  • A good 26% felt that their colleagues would make fun of them. And about 23% were worried that they will be judged by their co-workers.

For the detailed survey report, here is the link to PDF: https://bit.ly/2MEnjQk

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