Alibaba-backed Lazada appoints Pierre Poignant as its new CEO, Lucy Peng steps down.

Pierre Poignant

Lazada Group, Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce firm, has announced, as part of succession planning in the group, that its Executive President Pierre Poignant will succeed Lucy Peng as Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Group with immediate effect. Peng will remain Lazada Group Executive Chairwoman.

Poignant, who was appointed Group Executive President in August 2018, will lead the company’s strategic development into new growth pillars, while continuing to manage Lazada’s operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, working closely with country CEOs and regional functional team leaders.

Since Lazada was launched in 2012, Poignant engineered the development and expansion of Lazada’s logistics footprint and built the company’s e-logistics capabilities. Over the years, he assumed other roles with Lazada such as the Chief Operating Officer, overseeing customer service, supply chain, and content production.

Lucy Peng


“Pierre is a well-respected Lazada co-founder, who has contributed tirelessly to the company for the past six years. He and the team of other co-founders had the vision to build our logistics network from the ground up back in the days when no one in Southeast Asia believed in eCommerce – this valuable asset has now set us apart from the competition. Over the years, Pierre has consistently delivered beyond his call of duty and excelled in every role he has taken up.” Peng said.

Poignant thanked her for the confidence and trust that they placed on him. He also paid tribute to Lazada employees “for walking the long journey” with him since 2012.

Poignant said that Lazada has benefitted from the Alibaba ecosystem, from the technological prowess to the logistics network. “2018 is a turning point for Lazada. We have improved and evolved and now come out stronger, more efficient, and more agile than the start of the year. Our transformation has just begun and I am confident next year will be another watershed year,” added Poignant.

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