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Leading Executive Search firms in India

HiringSquare, is pleased to present its listing of leading executive search firms in India. The strength of most of these firms lie in Senior Management Searches, CxO Level, Director Level and Board Level searches. Some of these brands have divisions which cater to middle management hiring and bulk hiring’s through separate business verticals / SBU’s. …

Would you apply for a job with a poorly written Job Description ?

A number of times, recruiters, hiring managers and employers may miss on some great candidates for senior level roles, CxO roles just because of poorly documented job descriptions. While browsing through one of the job portals for CxO Level position postings, we came across some JDs which had extremely generic and possibly copy pasted content.

Compensation decision for new hires ..

Mature organizations with robust processes and practices have established compensation norms, for various bands, hierarchy levels, and functions. These compensation levels are derived based on Job Analysis, Job Evaluation supported by Compensation Benchmarking exercises. Some company may also arrive at these norms based on their industry benchmarks and their business projections. Normally mature organization’s try…