Wipro’s on-demand digital talent platform Topcoder adds new Data Science & AI Features

Topcoder, one of the leading platforms for on-demand digital talent, has recently announced the addition of new data science and AI features.The platform hosts more than 1.5 million developers, designers, data scientists and testers from across the globe.The company founded in 2001 by Jack Hughes, became a part of Wipro Limited in November 2016.

Topcoder addresses the need for businesses to have skilled technologists on demand. This enables businesses to quickly move from ideation to deployment for their projects without disrupting operations. On the platform, work distribution is done by businesses, and Topcoder community members address these requirements through innovative solutions. They in turn, are able to win money, gain experience and earn recognition for their work.

Highlights of the new features include, native GPU support and the ability to develop advanced analytic solutions with any tool, library or cloud application service. These new enhancements empower companies with unprecedented ways to process and secure data, increase analytics speed, and avoid costly recruitment and retention challenges associated with IT staffing.

High-end institutions and global organizations such as Harvard Medical School and the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard, the Northumbrian Water Group, SpaceNet, Zurich Insurance Group and many more use the Topcoder Platform for on-demand access to top IT and data science talent and report high quality results. 

In his statement Michael P. Morris, Global Head of Crowdsourcing, Wipro Limited said, “only a small segment of technologists in the world have the skills to design, build and test intricate data science algorithms, and even fewer companies understand how to find and hire them.” Adding to this he said “Topcoder is a bridge between IT talent and the enterprises that need them most with a fast, scalable, flexible outcome-based software development model that makes groundbreaking design, development, data science and testing possible through the gig economy workforce.” 

Jayant Prabhu, VP & Global Head of Data, Analytics & AI, Wipro Limited said – “Wipro’s expert data science teams and Topcoder crowd models create a complementing, synergetic and differentiated business model for our clients. This innovative model allows companies to leverage the power of innovation and crowdsourcing at scale, as well as increase productivity and efficiencies to solve new classes of problems.” 

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