Platform enabling seed stage companies connect with angel investors.

6cae9ca0dcf65530b185e09e48e5Zero commission bank, Marquee Equity, has released its accredited investor platform, which helps seed stage companies get meetings with angel investors across the U.S. and internationally.

“We have traditionally focused on delivering a stack that helps customers get in front of institutional investors. Doing this, we’ve been able to map out and provide access to over 95% of the global institutional investor market. The next phase of our road map is to make it seamless for seed stage companies to get in front of the right individuals and micro funds that can capitalize their seed and Pre A rounds. The angel investor landscape is much more fragmented and accessing the right investors often is a function of whom a founder personally knows — we’re looking to change that,” says Ash Narain, Founder of Marquee Equity.

To help customers get their data rooms ready for investors, the company employs a team of in-house investment bankers to help with pitch decks, financial models and other due diligence documents.

The company has worked with over 800 companies since its inception across Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, London, Berlin, Singapore and other startup ecosystems.

“The core problem is that super early stage companies do not find representation from high quality advisors and bankers, due to smaller deal sizes — often left to fend for themselves to raise capital. Our model marries technology with human advisory to deliver getting investor ready and in front of investors, at scale. It also helps companies that don’t reside in popular startup ecosystems, gain managed access to top investors/advisors within those popular ecosystems where their core markets and future potential investors might be,” says Raj Kabir, Founder & CTO of Marquee Equity.

The company employs machine learning to determine the right times for its users to get in front of investors – “Over 3 years, we have distributed hundreds of deals to thousands of investors — we’ve been able to identify patterns in investor behavior such as days of the week and times of day when a particular investor most likely engages with incoming deal flow — this boosts the engagement rates our users experience through our platform,” adds Raj Kabir.

Ash Narain previously founded BankerBay, a venture funded mid market private equity platform that’s used by leading investment banks and PE firms to find and execute deals.

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