90 Percent of Indian business travellers feel motivated to get more work done during their work related travel.

The Hyatt Place and Hyatt House brands had released findings from a Business Traveler Survey, which was conducted online by The Harris Poll and comprised a sample of more than 1,300 adults across India, the United States and China who have traveled for business in the last 12 months (international business travelers)  to understand their mentality while traveling. The survey has concluded some key facts about international business travelers.

The highlights of the survey are:

  • 91% of travelers take business travel as the time to re-energize both professionally and personally.
  • 90% of the Indian business travelers feel motivated to get more work done during business travels.
  • 95% of the Indian business travelers are motivated to advance their career and take business travels very seriously.
  • While they are motivated to advance in their career during business travels 72% of the Indian business travelers feel pressurised to work longer hours during business travels. 
  • 90% of the Indian business travelers say business travel has taught skills they can use in their personal life to solve problems. 
  • 76% of the Indians make use of the shortcuts they have learned during business travel while preparing for personal vacations
  • 95% of the people agree that business travel helps them in communicating with different types of people around the world. 
  • 30% of Indian business travelers state that attending the conference calls in their pajamas is a major perk of trips that require hotel stays.
  • Strangely 41% of the Indian business travelers say that exercise is about the same or more, during their business travels.
Hyatt Palace Survey

The survey findings show that these travels help business people to allocate some me-time. About 61% of Indian business travelers enjoy exploring the region by experiencing local foods, while 33% of them enjoy binge-watching TV.

The U.S. survey was conducted from December 15-19, 2017; and the surveys for India and China were conducted between February 9-13, 2018. 

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