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Summer placements for 2020 at the IIMs

Most of the IIMs have released stats for their summer placements for the 2019-2021 batch. This year there has seen a good rise in the international roles offered to IIM students. Students at the leading IIM’s continue to get picked up by leading brands in consulting and finance domain. E Commerce, tech start-ups had an…

Fitness and Wellness industry in India – emerging opportunities

The sector is witnessing growth at a very fast pace, leading to new and emerging businesses and job opportunities in the sector. The opportunities are not in the form of traditional gym instructors, or beauty and spa attendants but also as software developers and tech professionals considering the coming up of tech ventures to support the industry. Emerging companies like Curefit, HealthifyMe and FitMeIn have seen serious funding and growth in the sector, and this is just the beginning.

When looking for a job, Workplace Diversity is an important factor for millennials

Inclusive – may involve providing equal opportunity, respecting diversity – ethnic, gender etc., valuing people and their opinions regardless of their job roles, and perpetually placing an organisation wide effort at doing away with biases while dealing with people. An inclusive work environment where leaders respect and value the opinions of people can lead to higher level of satisfaction, trust and innovation – all of this leading to higher organisational value creation.