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Three essentials that enable you to be successful and relevant

Everyone at a workplace looks forward to regular career progression and growth. While your performance and demonstrated potential at your workplace are important here are some essentials that can help you build a better career irrespective of where you are employed. They are also relevant if you decide to walk away from your job and…

Changing your work universe: Tips to help you transition

At some stage in our life, we all feel the need to try something entirely different than what we are doing. It might be because of our curiosity, or because of our unfulfilled expectations. We all have different reasons to opt for a transition and whatever the reason may be, there is always a way…

Deciding when to quit your job

While deciding to quit, you may want to take a hint from your Mondays. On a lighter note, all Mondays are painful. However if the feeling of drudgery comes to time and again, you need to think carefully about your willingness to carry on. At the end, every thing boils down to your your happiness, overall satisfaction, and motivation. There are a host of factors at play – your personal life, your expectations from workplace, work life balance, compensation, managers, workplace etc.

Your ability to multitask may be limiting your productivity

A good number of jobs and workplaces these days highlight the need for job seekers to be good at multitasking in a fast-paced work environment. Some of you may feel quite capable and competent with your multi-tasking abilities and probably you proudly highlight the same in your resume.

It’s important to understand multitasking, and your ability to process multiple stimuli, multiple streams of information in parallel. Ability to multi task helps in some scenarios at a fast paced workplace and work scenario but somewhere along the way there is a possibility of overall productivity getting compromised.

Job Interviews – It’s more than just getting hired ?

Job interviews – don’t look at it as an interaction where people are judging you – try to see it as an opportunity to learn, network, and as an avenue to discover your strengths and limitations. Job interviews are important. When you are interviewing – it’s not just about getting hired.  Of course, getting a…

What is executive presence ? #humor

The term executive presence has been quite over leveraged for some time now, specially by those who have peddled their training and coaching services to the corporate executives. While ones conduct, personality  and they way one presents himself/herself plays an important role at workplace and while dealing with people, the real contribution of any business…