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Make way for the new CxOs

In the passing decade, we witnessed lots of changes in the way organizations function. With the change in the nature of businesses, setting up new businesses, the increasing role of technology, changing talent needs, demands and expectations, approaches to information sharing, etc., the traditional organization structures have given way to newer structures. Designations were traditionally…

Tech Mahindra strengthens its diversity and inclusion initiatives, introduces same-sex adoption leave

In line with its HR transformation initiatives – Tech Mahindra has put in place new policies towards enabling better diversity and inclusion at workplace. One of their key initiative towards ensuring an inclusive workplace has been to allow same-sex couples 12 weeks of paid adoption leave. Their parenting policies support parents irrespective of their gender and allows new parents to spend more time with their newborns in their first year of parenthood.
The company has also put in place policies to provide for flexibility at work, work from home policies for new parents, and support groups for returning mothers, cancer patients and survivors.

Understanding Gen Z – A simple guide for employers

Generation Z (Gen Z) defines the generation succeeding the millennials. With the new batch of talent entering the workforce, its imperative that the workplaces are prepared to ensure that their relationship with Gen Z talent is meaningful. While human psychology at a basic level still aligns with the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, every generation entering…

Tata Steel announces new HR policy aimed at LGBTQ+ inclusion

In an attempt to promote equality, diversity and inclusion at workplace, Tata Steel has introduced its new HR policy allowing LGBTQ+ employees and their partners to avail the HR benefits, that had earlier been available only to employees with partners from the opposite gender. Some additional benefits are also incorporated for the LGBTQ+ employees.  The…

EdTech platforms making learning easy and accessible

EdTech or Educational Technology is the combined use of physical equipment, programming, and instructive theory to provide learning and encouraging education by improving the execution, creation, and usage of technological resources. It encompasses several domains including online training, computer based-education, and m-learning (learning through mobiles).