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Understanding Gen Z – A simple guide for employers

Gen Z is more focused on their personal growth and want to feel important. This generation is purpose driven and thoughtful. They are looking at their career growth with unique and clear sense of how they want their career and professional life to unfold. Generation Z (Gen Z) defines the generation succeeding the millennials. With…

Tata Steel announces new HR policy aimed at LGBTQ+ inclusion

In an attempt to promote equaity, diversity and inclusion at workplace, Tata Steel has introduced its new HR policy allowing LGBTQ+ employees and their partners to avail the HR benefits, that had earlier been available only to employees with partners from the opposite gender. Some additional benefits are also incorporated for the LGBTQ+ employees.  The…

EdTech platforms making learning easy and accessible

EdTech or Educational Technology is the combined use of physical equipment, programming, and instructive theory to provide learning and encouraging education by improving the execution, creation, and usage of technological resources. It encompasses several domains including online training, computer based-education, and m-learning (learning through mobiles).

How to encash your sleep? 

Remember the time when your boss caught you taking a power nap during work hours and in punishment, you had to sit down for overtime? Yes, we all hate it. It wasn’t your fault that the pressure and tiredness made you take a nap. Your daily routine of getting fewer sleep hours and fatigue takes a toll on your body which directly affects your work performance.

Employers are opening up to people with disabilities

The business world is gradually opening up its doors to people with disabilities which is bringing diversity to the workplace and bringing a class of people into the mainstream. Recently, we have covered a similar story where we have mentioned how job fair for people with disabilities is about to held in Chennai. The fair…