Jassi Jha

Why is America’s iconic retailer Macy’s Inc. shuttering its stores?

Earlier this week, the iconic American department store chain Macy’s announced its plans to shut over 125 stores and cut down over 2000 jobs. The company has shut down its headquarters in Cincinnati and tech offices in San Francisco. These changes are a result of massive restructuring exercise underway at Macy’s to reduce their burden…

When looking for a job, Workplace Diversity is an important factor for millennials

Inclusive – may involve providing equal opportunity, respecting diversity – ethnic, gender etc., valuing people and their opinions regardless of their job roles, and perpetually placing an organisation wide effort at doing away with biases while dealing with people. An inclusive work environment where leaders respect and value the opinions of people can lead to higher level of satisfaction, trust and innovation – all of this leading to higher organisational value creation.