Writing for HrNxt

We welcome our readers, business professionals, students, and keen observers of the industry to write for us as guest authors, or regular columnists. If you are interested please drop in a line.

Writing and presenting your ideas and perspectives for hrnxt.com gives you an amazing visibility in front of an audience of industry professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you write about?

You can write almost on almost any topic, as long as it falls in line with some of these – “about people, work and workplaces” – talent ecosystem, career, hiring, talent management, leadership, learning & development, HR best practices etc.

If you have an idea that you want to write about, you can connect with us to discuss your idea; we may be able to help you build on it.

What should be my qualification / background ?

You can be any one, but whatever you write should be original and should ideally be based on your own experience and research. Ideally we would look for senior experienced professionals for perspectives and experiential knowledge kind of articles. However for market analysis, upcoming trends kind of stories you just need to be smart observant person, with good analytical and writing skills.

Do the writers / contributors get paid for writing on HrNxt.com ?

Nope, we don’t pay or award any remuneration to our readers for writing for HrNxt.com. Writing for HrNxt.com provides you ample visibility & recognition.

I am a professional / freelance writer, and i want to do “paid” writing ? 

You are welcome to submit your request, profile and samples of your work, and we can explore opportunities to work together.

I have already written for another web site, can I submit the same article ?

Normally, we appreciate original unpublished article. If, however you have published some thing on your personal blog, we can accept the same if it suits our qualifying criteria, and if you hold the copyright of the same.

Who retains the ownership of published articles?

If you article is published by us, you (the author) would have ownership of the same, and relevant credit would be mentioned whenever we use or reference the article.