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Why you should prioritize employee training?

Imagine you’re given a choice between two drivers for your daily office commute. One is trained and the other is not. Who would you choose? Obviously the trained one. But what if there is no upfront cost for the untrained driver? You still wouldn’t choose him? Yet there are many organizations that don’t engage in…

EdTech platforms making learning easy and accessible

EdTech or Educational Technology is the combined use of physical equipment, programming, and instructive theory to provide learning and encouraging education by improving the execution, creation, and usage of technological resources. It encompasses several domains including online training, computer based-education, and m-learning (learning through mobiles).

Customer Experience (CX) Certification by Forrester.

Forrester, a leading research and advisory firm based in the US, has launched a training program to help businesses develop their people to create better customer experiences. The program offers a unique blend of hands-on learning and self-paced lessons in a digital learning platform, taught by Forrester experts. The lessons  leverages Forrester’s more than 20…