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Government Jobs, an ocean of opportunities

With the uncertainty of job security, the demand for government jobs is constantly on the rise. A data released by the Center for Study of Developing Societies highlighted that attraction of youth towards the government job sector has not witnessed a decline over the past decade. But, finding a suitable government job for yourself is…

Raining placements at IIT’s for 2020 batch

It’s raining jobs in IITs this year with students receiving placement offers from across the globe. Over 4000 job offers have been made so far with core engineering profiles receiving maximum number of placements. The core sector includes companies that work on main engineering disciplines such as mechanical, civil, computer science. Apart from that, job…

Deciding when to quit your job

While deciding to quit, you may want to take a hint from your Mondays. On a lighter note, all Mondays are painful. However if the feeling of drudgery comes to time and again, you need to think carefully about your willingness to carry on. At the end, every thing boils down to your your happiness, overall satisfaction, and motivation. There are a host of factors at play – your personal life, your expectations from workplace, work life balance, compensation, managers, workplace etc.