You need to get involved in developing your resume.

Most of the time, its a challenge developing your resume. While it might be laziness, or non seriousness about planning your next move, it could also be because of the following:

  • Paucity of time , you are too busy with work & never have time to work on resume.
  • You have a feeling of having done a lot in your career, every thing seems important and you can’t figure out where to start.
  • Documentation is challenging, you cant play with words and you feel that a play with words is important.

There could be other reasons as well, however the above seems valid for most of us.

Now, if you are stuck with the above normally you pass on the resume writing work to a resume writing service, and well within a few days you have a so called hand crafted resume ready for you.

If you are an experienced, senior level professional, the issues with most resume writing services however, is that you cannot really trust them to do a good job.  The simple reason being that the guys writing your resume don’t know you, your industry and can’t really investigate and understand your priorities. Most of them work through stock templates, and are great are organizing and reorganizing English and creating a neatly formatted document.

This document may be relevant for starters, fresher’s and for people who have a few years of experiences under their belt, but for senior and experienced professionals the same may or may not be relevant.

If however, you are pitching for some key opening and some good headhunting or search firm is facilitating your search, the consultants out there can help develop highly relevant and focused profile & resume.

So what’s expected from you:

You need to get involved in the process of developing your resume, and should ensure that it aligns with your expectations for future and clearly captures all “essential” experience from past.

Even if you have a document developed by some resume writing service, it makes sense to critically review the same to ascertain if it aligns with your priorities for job search, if it captures the essential aspects of your experience. You also need to see if some mundane accomplishment is not too highlighted, this can prevent an embarrassing situation in job interviews.

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