Sectors to look out for jobs in 2012

For career moves in 2012, some of the sectors that may be looked at would be sectors which are going to have a long term focus as well as sectors & companies which are more on investment mode at this stage.

Sectors with long term focus & on a growth mode would comprise of:

  • Energy, Infrastructure
  • Engineering, Automobile
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Sectors ramping up on funding, investments are would need to hire people for growth , as well as for their routing product development initiatives.

  • E-commerce
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Telecom – VAS, Gaming
  • Business in the mobile & internet ecosystem
  • Education – its stable, and growing and would continue to grow. Has a decent opportunity for creating new jobs on an on going basis.

Organised retail, is at a visibly cautious mode for some time now, and we have seen well established players consolidating and rationalising manpower in the past. While caution stays, but people at middle and senior level need to keep a watch on the possible traction that may develop mid 2012, considering the FDI in retail related decisions. Some key hiring’s may be planned by some new entrants and some retail majors.

Sectors which have a stable outlook , are evergreen would include FMCG. Banking, Telecom – have matured over the years and may be cautious at hiring fast and hiring big. One thing is certain that there are always going to be new positions that get created due to routine attrition. Yeah ! we also expect the attrition to reduce to some extent in 2012. Since the job market as an overall may not be too hot – it makes sense to exercise caution if your are mostly comfortable with your existing employer.

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