The future of “you”!

We are inquisitive characters. We always want to know what will happen, what can happen etc. We are also keen to find ways of how we can impact the future and if can predict the future right.

We are keen to predict the future of economy, future of industry and the future of business. We are keen to learn about factors that will enable cost efficiencies, better communication, better collaboration and better of everything.

I am sure you would also have thought about  various situations, about future and about some of the stuff I mentioned earlier.

How often have you thought about the future of “you”?

Most people reading this post would be working professionals who are too engrossed with their jobs, and their desire to create the future of some business etc. How often are you able to think about “you”. Have you tried to predict your future, have you tried to study the various variables that may impact your life, and thereby your future.

I feel most of us are too busy and we miss out on trying to work out the future of our own self, about us as an individual. In fact, “future” of our own self gets limited to the concept of salary, income, wealth creation, promotion, jobs, business etc. These things are important, but maybe there is more to life.

Have you ever felt that life may be beyond your job or salary?

Of course, there is a lot else to think about.

  • How we are going to evolve as a person, as an individual?
  • How we are going to evolve as a family person?
  • How we are going to be health wise?
  • How can we add some value to the community?
  • How could our success impact people around us?

I could go on and on building this list and you could also add tonnes of such pointers.

With all these questions and by pondering over all of these would it be meaningful to predict or plan our future. Is there a way to work out – “The future of you!”? Is it relevant or important to think through this way?

One way of looking at it could be let life happen. Don’t think too much.

That’s what most people do, and I feel that’s right, in a way – maybe.


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Praveen Mishra

Praveen is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Khedge Business Consulting Pvt Ltd. He works with organisations in areas of business strategy and human-resource management. Over the last 15 years he has helped various organisations with their HR processes, structure, alignment and effectiveness; and talent strategy and processes. You can connect with him at 

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