Forum of Indian Food Importers and NEEA sign MoU to strengthen trade ties

FIFI MoU singing

Forum of India Food Importers (FIFI) and North East Entrepreneurs Alliance (NEEA) agreed to build cooperation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during recently organized North East Food Show 2019 by the Government of Meghalaya and SIAL Paris. 

Amit Lohani, Founder and Director FIFI said, “We warmly welcome the progressive the regime led by the brigade of politicians and bureaucrats in North East India. The eastern end of the political boundaries of India, the seven states, appears dedicated to connecting their food map to the world. We are keen to take dialogue further in the realm of ease of doing business, better interstate trade, supporting tax reforms, improved logistical connectivity, and education on regulatory compliances. We would like to do continued efforts not only limiting ourselves to a trade show but, with our continued engagements. “ He was also quoted saying, “ We firmly believe in cross border trade goods, which are not produced in the region like almonds, pistachios, high-end chocolates, alcoholic beverages, and other products can make way into the North Eastern Market and premium quality turmeric, organic teas, wines, pineapples, and citrus fruits can be traded out at an affordable price.”

NEEA aims to work closely with FIFI to curate products from the region which can find the platform at par to the international food and beverage products. With this MoU NEEA is also looking forward to creating a few geographical product categories, brand them accordingly and generate long term brand equity for them. The GI tagged commodities remain underutilized and with FIFI, NEEA hopes to leverage the opportunity not only in India, but across the world. Mr. Pankaj Singhal after signing of the MoU said, “While FIFI members see great potential in the North-Eastern states and have expressed keen interest to connect the novel products not only with the Indian market but, to eventually see them getting attention across the globe. We are delighted to take this engagement forward.”

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