IBM Asia-Pacific Chairman Harriet Green announces her exit

Chairman and CEO of IBM, Harriet Green through a LinkedIn post has announced that she’ll be leaving the tech-giant after four and a half years.

In her post, she cited family reasons for the “hard decision” of resigning from the top management.

“One of the things that sets IBM apart is its compassion, especially in supporting people through the lifetime of their personal needs. For me, right now, that means shifting my focus and spending more time caring for those people closest to me”, she said.

She further added, “My time with IBM has been among the most fulfilling periods of my career, working closely with clients on their most challenging business transformation initiatives. I’ve valued this opportunity tremendously and will take only good memories with me to this next important chapter – one that many of you will have undertaken.”

Harriet joined the company as the General Manager of UK based Watson Internet of Things in 2015. She was appointed as the Chairman and CEO of Asia-Pacific in January 2018.

Before joining IBM, she was the CEO of Thomas Cook Group PLC. Four years after Green left the travel group, Thomas Group collapsed in September 2019 leaving many travelers stranded at different locations around the globe.

In her post, the industry executive thanked the workforce of IBM for their support and love. “When I first started at IBM, it took me a little while to understand why people referred to themselves as IBMers,” Green said. “But now I see things a little differently. I’ve come to realize that this is about ascribing to a shared set of values.

“Many of those values are things that I’ve always embraced – like diversity and inclusiveness, for example. But because we share these values as an organization, collectively we’re able to make real change in the world.

“In that respect, I feel like I’ve become an IBMer as well, and that this is one of the many gifts that I’ll take with me as I move on to the next chapter in my life.”

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