Smart Institute secures $1.5 million from HNIs

Smart Institute, a part of Shahani Group, has raised $1.5 million in funding from a group of HNI Investors and Family Offices led by ah!Ventures. The company is also planning to raise another round of funding next year. The company was founded by Akhil Shahani & Maya Shahani in 2008.

The company is planning to expand its presence in 30 cities nationally within the next five years with these funds. It is also planning to invest in its edutech platform application, ask.CAREERS.

In a media statement, Akhil Shahani, Managing Director, The Shahani Group, said, “In light of the increased demand for job-ready professionals with detailed industry knowledge, students today are looking towards smart classrooms, learning apps, on-the-go learning devices, and much more, to gain a competitive edge. The same has presented a huge opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs alike, culminating in our 30-city expansion plan.”

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