SuperSurfaces India raises $500,000 in an Angel funding round

SuperSurfaces, a design-solution based company, has raised $500,000 in an angel funding round led by US-based investor Vishnu Reddy. The company was founded by Kumar Varma in 2014. 

The company will utilize these funds to increase delivery capacity of over 10 lakh square feet by March 2023 and is also planning to expand its product range, focussing on organic paints, textures, and plasters.

Super Surfaces are able to offer products which provide quality surface finish solutions for all decorative design and application requirements. For architects and designers, Super Surfaces offer a spectrum of creative potential.

Kumar Varma has over 12 years of professional experience in the amusement and theme park industry. Previously, he worked as the general manager at Innovative Film City, according to his LinkedIn page.

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