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imageWorking in a start-up can be a great way to start your career, as well as to take on lots of learning’s in a small span of time. As on date, every day you have a number of start-ups springing up specially in the areas of technology, mobile media, e-commerce, internet, digital media etc. A job in these companies can not only be engaging and challenging, they may also allow better opportunities for growth.

While breezing through a number of new blogs and media sites providing job posting and job application features, we could identify two well frequented sites, where in you have a regularly updated stream of job openings from start-ups , internet companies and well digital media companies.

1. Yourstory.in – “YourStory is India’s leading comprehensive online platform for entrepreneurs, dedicated to promoting the startup ecosystem.” The job postings section of this site allows you to post jobs in your company as well as to apply for interesting jobs.


You can access their job section from : http://yourstory.in/jobs-listing/

2. Medianama.com

Medianama is promoted by MixedBag Media with the objective of “helping build a sustainable digital ecosystem in India by providing curated information, and an independent perspective and analysis on the domain”. The company also publishes JobNama, a digital and mobile industry job board.


You can access their job section from :http://jobs.medianama.com/

If you happen to look through these, do share your thoughts and experiences with us. Also if you learn of other sites that can help a start-up or niche segment job – search easy, do let us have a word. Send us an email at share@hiringsquare.com

Picture Credit: Screen shots from medianama.com and yourstory.in, for the purpose of illustration only.

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