Honeywell picks record number of students from IIT Kharagpur

As Honeywell India celebrates the 25th anniversary of its India Technology Center, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur has more reason to cheer with the company hiring 40 interns and 36 employees this year – a campus record! The roles are based both in India and in the company’s facility in Atlanta, US. 

With an eight-decade-long legacy, and more than 8,000 engineers – over a third of which focus purely on developing next-gen connected IIoT software and predictive analytics products, India is the largest engineering and product development region for Honeywell; and this commitment is closely aligned with the company’s in-country goals. Honeywell has a core legacy of engineering innovation. When combined with its pivot on software-industrial solutions, the Honeywell – IIT Kharagpur partnership emerges as a natural outcome.    

Akshay Bellare, President, Honeywell India said, “Customer adoption and demand for our IIoT and Connected solutions increases every day. We are aggressively expanding our innovation ecosystem in the country and have released more than 50 software products this year. We will continue to drive global end-to-end software leadership from India and groom our talent to deliver our software vision. The enthusiasm that we are seeing from the IIT Kharagpur student community is truly invigorating!”

Honeywell continues to transform into a software industrial organization, executing a digital agenda that is creating new software-centric solutions that augment its product offerings, creating connected devices that are always learning. To ensure continued focus on this proposition, the company has created a dedicated software business unit called Honeywell Connected Enterprise (HCE). HCE’s mandate is to identify common threads across industries, and solve customer issues leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud technologies. Honeywell will continue to invest in training and research projects at IIT Kharagpur. The recruits will be joining in May/ June 2020 for both India and international positions.

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