Sonata Software CEO Quits, Srikar Reddy appointed as the new CEO & MD

Sanjay Viswanathan, has resigned from the post of CEO & Managing Director of Sonata Software. He was appointed as CEO and MD of the company in August 2011 after the resignation of B Ramaswamy. It is reported that the reasons for Viswanathan exit was personal.

Srikar Reddy, appointed as the new CEO & MD:

The present Deputy Managing Director and COO of Sonata Srikar Reddy will replace Viswanathan as the new MD & CEO. 

Srikar Reddy, is an Engineering graduate of REC Trichy and a Post Graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Srikar joined Sonata in 1986. Prior to joining Sonata, Srikar has held technology management roles in companies such as Pythagoras Communications Systems and L&T, delivering products and solutions and servicing customers globally.

Sonata Software is a leading provider of IT consulting and software services, based in Bangalore. The company has offices in US, Europe, Middle East, India and APAC, and employs around 3000 people.

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