VLSI –Design & Manufacturing Jobs in Hyderabad

“VLSI and embedded industry would employ 750,000 professionals by 2015 with about 680,000 for embedded systems, 75,000 for VLSI design and the remaining 10,000 in manufacturing.”

VLSI Design is growing at an exponential rate as there are over 130 chip design firms present in India with many of the global majors and other VLSI, embedded systems, hardware or board design and small start-ups concentrating on circuit design and CAD simulation located in Hyderabad helped the city to emerge as an important center for chip design.

Hyderabad also boasts hugely talented skilled professionals for embedded systems and very large-scale integration (VLSI) design meeting the need of the industry with institution like JNTUH, IIIT-H, VEDA IIT,BITS-Hand many other specialized skill training and development academic institutes supporting the growth of this sector.

– Source: Press release by International VLSI and Embedded Systems Conference. The conference is a forum for researchers and designers to present and discuss various aspects of VLSI design, EDA, embedded systems, and enabling technologies. It covers the entire spectrum of activities in the two vital areas of VLSI and embedded systems, which underpin the semiconductor industry. To know more about the conference visit http://vlsiconference.com/vlsi2012/

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