Learn the ABC of career transition

Many people at a certain stage in their professional life feel that their progress in one organization or portfolio has become stagnant. They stop getting the same motivation they used to have during the start of their career. Sometimes, it’s because of the lack of growth opportunities, or sometimes due to the lack of objective. Many people even wish to follow their passion to stay happy and satisfied in their lives. But one must realize that career transition is not an easy task. Career transitions can take many forms. Sometimes you might not even get what you desire. Also, there is no guarantee of satisfaction. You can never be sure of what the future holds for you. However, your mindset and how you go about it can make all the difference in the outcome.

To make a smooth career transition, one has to learn all the IFs and BUTs of their will and decision. It has to be a well-researched move. You have to consider all the aspects of your choice and the possible future problems that you might face. In short, before you make the tough decision of changing your career and portfolio, you must learn the ABCs of career transition.

Taking you back to your elementary classes, here is the alphabet chart for your career transition move.

A: Accept
Accept that nobody else is responsible for the actions you take and you alone are supposed to tackle the consequences of your decision. Accept that your choices will make or break your career.

B: Believe
Believe that the tough decision will bring prosperity in your life today or tomorrow. Believe that change is possible and that you deserve this change. Believe that you deserve to be happy and your choices will only increase your faith in yourself.

C: Clarity
Clarity is the most important thing while making tough decisions. Any decision that is not well thought of can have repercussions in the future. You need to be clear on why you want to do this, or what changes will it bring, or what kind of satisfaction will it bring for you.

D: Dare
Dare to dream big. Dare to think out of the box. Dare to differ from people. Dare to be selfish for the things that you deserve. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do or what you can do or what you can’t do, define all that for yourself.

E: Engage
Engagement with people who share the same thoughts like you to get better clarity on your decisions. Engage in activities that are congruent with your goals.

F: Find
Find your faith in what really matters. Find your fears. Find the things where you want to focus on. Find the reasons for your choices. Find your objective. Find your supporters.

G: Give
Give yourself the space you need. Give yourself permission to try new things. Give yourself the opportunity to try new things. Give yourself the peace you need.

H: Hire
Hire a trained, certified career coach to help you achieve your career goals more quickly and easily.

I: Imagine
Imagination is the key to success. Once you start imagining yourself in a certain position or at a certain place, you feel motivated to get there and achieve it. Imagine yourself getting all the success you deserve. Imagine the problems or the pleasures associated with it.

J: Join
Join hands with people who share your goals, your vision, and your best interests. Join clubs that foster your interests. Join groups that have the same thoughts as you.

K: Keep
Keep trying. Keep learning. Keep exploring. Keep innovating. Keep researching. And at last, keep unlearning the things that don’t have a meaning for you.

L: Live
Live in the moment as if you had no future and no past. Live for yourself. Live for your dream. Live for your goals. Live for your passion. Once you start living, you reduce the fear of failure.

M: Master
Master your skills. Master your decisions. Master your choices. Master your talents.

N: Notice
Notice and observe things around you. Look for the correct opportunities. Notice that when you feel stressed out. Notice whether your decision is taking a toll on you.

O: Organize
Organize yourself. Organize your thoughts. Organize your decisions. Organize your choices. Organize your finances.

P: Plan
Plan your career on purpose and prepare to succeed. Plan your course of action. Plan your finances.

Q: Quit
Quit making excuses. Quit contemplating and start acting. Quit being lazy. Quit habits that prevent growth.

R: Remember
Remember why you started. Remember your motive. Remember that anything is possible. Remember that you are allowed to make mistakes. Remember there are only learning opportunities.

S: Set
Set your priorities right. Set small and achievable goals. Set SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, rewarding and timely. Set your eyes on the big prize.

T: Time
Time the thing that is most important. Make a timetable for the things you want to achieve. Save your time from unnecessary adventures. Time your actions.

U: Understand
Understand how your thinking affects your career and your choices. Understand that the decision to change your profession is not easy. Understand that the journey is tough.

V: Vision
Have a vision for your future. Having a vision drives you towards your goal. Be visionary.

W: Wonder
Wonder about the things you don’t have an answer for. When you don’t know something, ask. Start with Why, What, and How. Start asking yourself questions.

X: X-Ray
Scan your career options–examine what isn’t readily visible to others. Scan for opportunities. Scan where you can fit in.

Y: Yearn
Yearn more, learn more, be more.

Z: Zero
Zero in on careers that will fulfill you personally, professionally, and financially.

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