How to encash your sleep? 

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Remember the time when your boss caught you taking a power nap during work hours and to compensate you had to stay back till midnight. Probably, it wasn’t your fault that the pressure and tiredness made you take a nap. Your daily work routine, getting fewer sleep hours and overall fatigue takes a toll on your body, which directly affects your work performance. It’s the sad reality of work life all over the world.

Don’t we all desire a job where we get time to sleep well and money to survive without working?

Well, say no more. All your wishes are now turning into reality with

Wakefit’s sleep internship program, which pays you to SLEEP

Wait! Wait! Hold your horses! We have the answer to all your queries. 

Wakefit, a research and innovation-driven sleep solutions company, heard all your wishes and had arrived like a Santa Claus this winter, bringing a huge amount of money. Wake-up sleepyheads, just for this post, your dreams are now coming true. 

Wakefit on their official website has started accepting applications for its Sleep Interns Batch of 2020, where the only qualification required is your immense love for sleep.

The ideal candidate

According to the company, the ideal candidate would be anyone above the age of 25 yrs and can thrive in a slow-paced environment, conceptualize and deliver effective strategies on how to get himself and his team to sleep longer. The ideal candidate would be someone who can skip binge-watching their favorite series and get away from their mobile phones just to complete their sleeping hours. The candidate should be able to fall asleep within 10-20 minutes of hitting the pillow.

Demonstrated affinity to cozy environments, napping, lazing and lounging will be a bonus.

Work dress code

Well, there’s no official dress code for this job. All you got to do is just wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. It may be your pyjamas, your night-gown or boxers. Anything and everything is welcomed, as long as you feel sleepy wearing it. 

Skills required

The company requires people with an extraordinary love for sleep who can break their own sleep records. Candidates are required to have a fanatical passion for sleep and an innate ability to fall asleep at the slightest given opportunity.

What’s your job?

Trust me, this is the best job profile in the world with you having nothing to do other than sleeping for hours and getting yourself all pumped for your next day’s sleep hours. If you’re selected, Wakefit will provide you with a mattress and a fitness tracker. The company doesn’t ask you to leave your current job instead it allows you to work, or rather sleep from home.


Of course, your sleep is precious to you. And so it is to Wakefit.

The company promises to pay a hefty amount of Rs. 1 lakh to all the selected candidates at the end of the internship. Also, all the candidates get a mention in their history books. Isn’t that just great?

Applications to the internship are open till the end of the month depending on the selections.

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