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imageThe need for productivity, better utilisation of time, and efficiency of the processes:

If you are a businesses that is serious on bringing efficiency in your business processes, automation and leveraging technology is no long just a “good thing” to do, but its an essential. Automation of business processes and thereby HR processes is an imperative, that will impact how the business is more efficient, the people are more productive, with the end result being better bottom-line achieved through savings on time, people cost etc.

If you are a hiring manager, an HR head or a recruitment manager or an entrepreneur:

  • Have you every faced issues with the way your organisation handles job applications ?
  • Have you wondered if you can do away with multiple excel sheets to track applicants, their interview schedule, and maintain separate folders to handle resumes of job applicants ?
  • Have you wanted to actually leverage, your corporate web site, to display updates job listings and have the capability to handle applications from interested candidates ? 
  • Have you thought of reaching out to a wider candidate base to find the right fit by leveraging social networks for visibility of your job openings.

Large companies, and companies with a robust online HRMS , and e-Recruitment modules may have an advantage of running an integrated hiring approach by leveraging technology. They also have the added advantage of having a technology and IT team to support the products.  (This may be an overstatement though, we know companies which have a mature HRMS in place, and they are still unable to leverage the platform for handing recruitment process, considering the usability issues, complexity of the platform, and lack of interest of the hiring team.)

However, companies with limited budget to play around with technology and companies which don’t want to maintain expensive it teams etc. or invest in expensive platforms., there are some interesting products that can add value to your recruitment process by making it simpler, efficient and robust.


RecruiterBox, is one such product and is available on a SaaS model, where in you don’t have to worry about any capital expenses , any infrastructure costs and well you pay for only what you use. As per the information on RecruiterBox website – the product is relevant for small businesses, growing business and start-ups.

“Recruiterbox helps you to organize all hiring related information in one centralized online location”

The product also leverages the social media aspects by enabling posting of job openings in your business on key social media networks thus increasing the reach and visibility of your job postings. The product can help companies save on the administrative aspects of hiring – interview scheduling, maintaining databases. RecruiterBox, also helps you bring a team approach to hiring, by enabling multiple people involved in hiring decisions to share their inputs, feedback on candidates being interviewed.

The offering starts with a “free” plan, and has four slabs of pricing, as presented in the screenshot from below.


You can check out the product, demo and sign up for their services from –

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