Additional Thoughts: Visible but difficult to address challenges at workplace.

I am adding some related thoughts on these points from the earlier post: Reflections: Visible but difficult to address challenges at workplace.

On Yes Men:  Most Top Executives love “Yes Men” reporting to them, and they personally love to be “Yes Men” to the top guy. (Point 3, from earlier post.)

I may not really be 100 % in sync with this idea today, especially with the last 2 lines – they are still valid in some pockets and to a reasonable extent.  This tendency has roots in human psychology, and how we love to be in secure environment – with an absence of hostility, and with no one to challenge us. Also, an affirmation, a positive re-enforcement, and acceptance of our thoughts by people around us mean a lot, and we are happy to have “yes-men” surrounding us. Possibly, the new breed of professionals, and some high achievers appreciate candidness , transparency and performance and someone to challenge their way of thinking and working. They probably know and have learnt that diverse ideas and acceptance of new thoughts are good for them and their business. All this does not , however mean that having “yes men” is always bad. A business needs “yes men” to execute well – but then there is a need for balance.

On Delaying Payments: Those who are into vendor engagements, end up playing with the vendor invoices at their own whims. (Point 4, from earlier post.)

Delaying payments at times have corporate mandate in mid-size companies as well as big mature businesses. This may have a couple of reasons – like funds placed in short term investments, inventory, unforeseen expenses etc., and the businesses just trying to stretch the cash they hold. Have learnt this happening in some mid-size promoter driven businesses, but can easily assume it happening elsewhere as well including in some big companies. At times there are serious business cash flow issues. This is more so with SME’s.)

Praveen Mishra

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