Keep track of employment trends through some of these web sites .., believes that understanding the industry in general, and the developments, changes etc. in the industry is crucial for all job seekers as well as hiring managers. This thought is applicable for an experienced professional as well as a person who is planning to start working.

We have identified some sources that can serve as a strong research tool for any one to keep track on the job markets, on employers, companies etc. These sources also help you with career advise from experts through regular updates and write ups.

1. / Career Advice, Industry Information Page
2. Economic Times / Jobs
3. TJ Incite (Times Jobs) / Hiring & Beyond
4. WSJ – Careers / Recommended if you would like to get a global perspective.
5. The Hindu Business Line – Who’s Hiring ?

Check out their briefs below along with screen grabs for the pages.

1. While  is a job portal, we have found their Career Advice, Industry Information section really well made and regularly updated with latest news, information, career gyan etc. May be their strength in this section comes from their parent company – Hindustan Times.



2. The Economic Times – Job Page



The Economic Times, has a Job , section – accessible from its main menu. The section carries upcoming employment opportunities and trends of the job market.

Can be a good starting point for any one who wants to research and check out what’s happening around.











3. TJ Incite ( : This is a part of Times Jobs, and the section has a neat and regularly updated set of write up’s research notes related to hiring, careers etc. They also have a monthly newsletter, and email feeds to keep you updated if you are interested.

Some features and write ups, may be common to what’s in Economic Times Jobs.



















4. The Wall Street Journal – Careers Page, gives you a global perspective on employment trends, career gyan, selective job search, and tips for being a better manager, leader etc.


5. The Hindu Business Line – Who’s Hiring ?

This section in The Hindu Business Line, gets you updates on hiring plans for companies, PSU’s etc. along with some interesting write ups related to jobs and careers.




This is not an exhaustive list, but has been presented here since during our review of over 15 site – including job portals, news sites, and blogs we found them to be quite informative. If you come across other such resources, do send us the link at, and we will carry out another feature on this theme.

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