Biggest challenges that HR Leaders are facing today


With a new decade on the horizon, we have seen increased adoption of automation, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, HR Analytics and outcome-focused approach in HR. From Onboarding to Career and Succession Planning, HR Leaders have been using HR Tech to help them improve employee engagement and employee experience while streamlining the HR practices for more efficient and accelerated business outcomes through digital automation. 

Some of the key challenges that HR leaders should prepare for and address while navigating through 2020 and beyond:

Preparing the Future Workforce for AI

The 4th Industrial Revolution represents a radical change in the way we work and live. It is a new chapter which is enabled by extraordinary technology advances as compared to the first, second and third industrial revolutions. It is more than technology-driven change, it is a golden opportunity to help everyone to create a human-centred future. A recent HR survey conducted by KPMG on Future of HR 2020 found that Over 56% of the HR respondents agree that preparing their workforce for AI and related technologies will be the biggest challenge for the HR function. 

Employer Branding

From the point of view of HR, employer branding is pivotal for every organisation these days. Employer branding represents the organization’s values, culture, goals and beliefs to enable the organisation attract potential employees and keep the existing set of employees engaged at the workplace.  With the present job market, creating an exemplary image of your organization is a challenge, as all are competing to attract and retain the top talent. At times, the employer brand is more important than the job roles and pay package. Thus creating that extraordinary image of your organization to ensure you get the best talent will be quite challenging.

Employee Retention

In the current job market scenario, where there is no shortage of opportunities, it is a major challenge to retain the talented and best employees. Sometimes unrealistic expectations at the workplace from the employer also lead to employees looking out for a job change. Retaining the best talent in the organisation can directly impact the hiring strategy as a whole. Employee satisfaction, engagement and experience are key to any kind of employee retention programs. 

Lack of expertise in Organizational Design and Change Management

A recent survey by Gartner with 400 plus HR leaders reveals that challenges which concern when it comes to managing the future workforce, are outdated work processes (61%) and outdated organizational structures (39%). What they highlighted about the biggest Organizational Design and Change Management Challenges for 2020 is, 55% of our leaders aren’t equipped to lead the organizational restructuring and 49% are unsure how to design the organization to be faster and more responsive. 

HR professionals will have to invest more time into delivering a great employee experience, focus on employer branding, employee retention, prepare the future workforce for the AI and get equipped to manage organizational restructuring and change management. We have to look at innovative ways to identify, attract, onboard and engage top talent. 

Let’s look forward to tackling the Biggest HR Challenges of 2020!

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