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One the behest of some hiring managers and search professionals in our network, we started looking out for applications, software’s and tools which could help a hiring manager, a recruitment company or any professional engaged with the hiring process.  We came across some products and are providing their brief for the benefit of our readers. This write up is not a review of these products – however it is more of a listing of some application and tools which seemed to be exiting and helpful based on their list of features.

The serial number of the products in the table below is not any kind of ranking, and does not reflect on the quality or performance of the products. This listing is not a comparison, since the products have different uses, flavors and purpose. You are welcome to try out the products for yourself to see if they address your specific requirements.



What is it ?

Company / Web Site



(For Corporates)

For Corporates – Recruitment Software for internal use by companies. Available in multiple versions for small businesses as well as large corporates.



For recruitment firms, placement consultants. Available in multiple versions – Basic, Pro, Enterprise.



Seems to be suited for recruitment firms to automate their process and workflow related to sales, service delivery etc.



Best for startup and small businesses. Helps organize all hiring related information in a centralized manner. Affordable model, and various payment plan including a free plan available.



Variuous packages on offer to address the requirements of corporates as well as recruitment agencies. Choice of hosting and deployment options.



Resume management system, parsing system. Choice of installation options and versions suiting client requirements.

** The list above has excluded service providers and products in the ERP, HRMS segment that typically suit a large corporate only. All the above products have versions available for a small business, mid size business and some of them can also suit a large corporate. All these products are easily available through online purchase or through the sales team of the concerned company. Recruitebox, Rchilli has their price plans in USD, and have an online purchase option. Rchilli, as we know of has an India office / operations, and you can get more information from them for any direct deals etc.

The listing is an independent listing by HS Team, and is not sponsored by any of the above companies. If you want any information on the above, you are welcome to get in touch with these companies directly.

Note: If you have a product, an app or a software, web application etc. – that can help employers, hiring managers, and recruitment companies, executive search professionals send us the details on, and we shall be more than willing to do a write up on the same (of course if it fits in some of our criteria’s).

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