I am not concerned with my appraisal ratings ..

“I am looking out for a change & I am not concerned with my appraisal ratings”. 

A typical sign of over confidence and arrogance for some. In the last quarter of the financial year, some of us start having thoughts regarding our proposed shift in jobs, once the appraisal year is over. Most of the time, we keep on waiting for 31st March * to get over, so as our bonuses are remitted to us.

Well any ways, if you are amongst one of the employees who have decided to pack up, and are not showing your concern for your appraisal ratings, please think again.

Ideally, your appraisal ratings cannot directly have a bearing on your next job, since most of the prospective employers are not going to ask you for the same.

If this is the case , why should you be bothered ?

Well, you need to understand, that your search for a great job at great compensation levels, has a direct correlation with your existing level of motivation.

Most of the time, we are able to crack good deals if we have time, we are confident of ourselves, and are not desperate for a quick closure. 

If you are doing well in your existing company, and you feel good about your performance and ability – you are in best of position to perform well in a job interview. If you are happy and satisfied with your present circumstances, you will also be able to negotiate well, and you may be able to negotiate well on your terms. You can also quote your performance in your existing company, to demonstrate that you are a valuable resource.

What happens when  you are on look out after a poor appraisal ?

A poor appraisal means low increments , low bonuses, no promotion and a decent amount of dissatisfaction in most cases. All this leads to a reasonable amount of frustration with your present job, employer and thereby inciting you to go for a change. Even if you are mentally prepared for poor appraisals – seeing your appraisal papers, increment letters etc. give you a set back that lasts for some time.

With all this baggage if you head for a job interview – there may be chances of your desperation for change, reflecting in your conversation as well as expressions. These may have a negative outcome in form of a negative assessment of yours during an interview. In case , however the interview assessment still get converted into a job offer, there may be a possibility of a relatively lower compensation offer.

The year is already over. How can I plan for my appraisals now ?

Well we cannot suggest you a miracle, though you are welcome to try out the suggestion mentioned here.

  1. One of the key factors that bias an appraisal is – “recency effect” (Recency Effect: Rating is influenced by the most recent behavior ignoring the commonly demonstrated behaviors during the entire appraisal period). Try to do your best, and stay visible as a good performer, from now on till your appraisal discussion.
  2. Consolidate all your deliveries, achievements, for the year. Package them well, and prepare for a nice performance discussion. Identify well – all that you have done and highlight the same during the discussion in best possible manner.

All the best ? Smile

* A number of companies has a clause in their performance bonus policy, where in the employee may not be entitled to the annual performance bonus if he / she leaves the company before 31st March.

Praveen Mishra

Praveen is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Khedge Business Consulting Pvt Ltd. He works with organisations in areas of business strategy and human-resource management. Over the last 15 years he has helped various organisations with their HR processes, structure, alignment and effectiveness; and talent strategy and processes. You can connect with him at praveen@khedge.com. 


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