Average CEO Compensation in India crosses Rs. 2 crore mark ..


Seems that its going great for business executives in India, specially for those who have hit the CxO, CEO levels.

The average compensation of a CEO in India has crossed the Rs. 2 crore mark on a CTC basis. This is as per Hay Group top executive compensation report  2011 – 2012. For more complex organisations this figure would be around Rs. 7 crore.

For the next level of CxO’s – functional leadership teams the average compensation figures hovers around Rs. 1 crore mark. CTC refers to cost to company and includes compensation elements like – the base salary, performance bonus,  reimbursements and various other benefits. It’s also to be noted that for senior level executives the performance bonus component could easily go up to 50 % of the total CTC, and largely depends on the business performance.

In the present day business environment organisations seem to be valuing and rewarding the contribution by professionals really well, and the better the business performance better the reward plan for top executives.

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