Reflections: Visible but difficult to address challenges at workplace.

These reflections relate to some very visible occurrences (but not always) in at least some pockets, in almost every organisation – big or small, MNC or otherwise.  Have a look, may be you have also felt the same during your corporate stint.

    1. Senior Level executives (CxO & HOD Types), do  their best to avoid a decision or don’t want to own a decision till the time it has delivered results. Everyone wants to be on the safe side. While everyone speaks of ownership, very few actually take ownership for their actions. This is more prevalent in established mature corporates. In some scenarios, this behaviour may be seen with people at middle and junior management level as well.
    2. We tend to avoid decision making, till the last moment. Waiting till the critical moment doesn’t always mean, that we have been creating a strong back end, it simply implies that we have left the project on back burner and once we realise its critical and there’s a sword hanging, we try to close things just for the sake of closure – leaving the quality aspects in the dump.
    3. Most Top Executives love “Yes Men” reporting to them, and they personally love to be “Yes Men” to the top guy. If businesses need “Yes Men”, then why hire expensive professionals. Just hire some fresh graduates, and tell them that their job is to say “Yes Boss”. I guess the tendency for CxO’s to hire expensive “Yes men”, lies in their enabling & maintaining their own inflated ego’s. Well educated and experienced professionals saying “yes boss” all the time is a better ego booster.
    4. Those who are into vendor engagements, end up playing with the vendor invoices at their own whims. Delaying payments to vendors cannot normally* be a corporate mandate. But then why do professionals / managers etc. end up playing the “delay – delay”  – payment game. Most of the time if an executive plays with your invoice and payment schedule, is it his/her callousness or a deliberate attempt to torture the vendor.  Are they looking for some kick back or something else ? 
    5. Executives who have been accused & found responsible for corporate frauds, misappropriation, kickbacks , sexual harassment end up  taking up still better seats in other corporates. Where is the employee reference check process of the corporate ? The best part of the story, most global /MNC/large companies  have numerous documents & policies on ethics, code of conduct etc. , and they still end up hiring and at times nurturing these tainted professionals.
    6. Once in a while it happens – a boss does not do a great job. He never supports his team, does not work on any assignment personally. Does not take or own decisions, leaving everything to the team – from decision to execution. Thankfully the team has been working hard and has been doing a great job. Post the appraisal, the bosses performance rating is in the top box, and everyone else in the team has been placed in the bottom box.   It happens.Would love to hear you share your thoughts, musings or experiences related to any of the above.

Note: This article is a mostly “as-is” repost from the HiringSquare Archives. Minor editing has been undertaken. This post was originally written by me on Feb 11, 2013.  

** When I read this again today, and with a fresh perspective, I feel that there is more to these. I have added some more related thoughts in my next post with title – Additional Thoughts: Visible but difficult to address challenges at workplace.

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